Boy in Light under Parasol in Asia

“Why does it seem that people in other parts of the world are so interested in the Bible when people in the U.S. seem to have lost interest?”

This question surfaced in a recent conversation. I think it is difficult for us to imagine living in spiritual darkness.

Regardless of our view of current trends in our country, most of us recognize the Christian heritage that has influenced our families, communities, and our nation. Despite many human imperfections, Christians have reflected the light of biblical truth across our land for hundreds of years. Having grown up in a well-lighted nation, it is easy for us to take the Light for granted.

That is a privilege hundreds of millions of people in the world have never experienced. Instead, their spiritual history is dark and hopeless. Occult powers have run rampant for untold generations. So when the light of Scripture arrives, it is a radical change and improvement. Having known only darkness, it is not surprising that people are drawn to the Light.

Thank you for enabling the light of Scripture to shine into dark hearts. May their enthusiastic response to God’s Word inspire and refresh our own appreciation for its light!

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