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10April, 2019 Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

One Thing Can Save Them...

When I heard about the possibility of 33 language groups in Nigeria and Burkina Faso being forced to stop their Bible translation efforts, my heart broke. This is tragic!

That news was shocking enough, but when I heard why these translations are at risk . . . I was horrified.

The violence in some of the regions where the translations are taking place is almost unbelievable. Neighbors are slaughtering neighbors. Schoolchildren are being kidnapped. This chaos has been going on for generations, and the nightmare doesn’t seem to have an end.

Yet there is light shining in this darkness . . .

In the face of hardships and persecution, local churches in these countries felt so compelled to have God’s Word in their heart languages that they secured the funding for Bible translation tools through their networks and started the work.

They were on the verge of finally having God’s Word in their heart language, but they unexpectedly saw their funding cut. A massive disappointment—these translations are in jeopardy simply for lack of funds.

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13March, 2019 Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

Bible Distribution in Madagascar Comes to a Halt

Our work, as with any call to serve Christ, comes with its share of challenges. I’m thankful to say that with your help and constant prayer, many of the obstacles we encounter are able to be overcome.

Friends, in the wake of a massive cyclone that caused widespread flooding, power outages, and even loss of life, I must ask you to help restart Bible distribution efforts on the African island nation of Madagascar.

For many of you, the mention of Madagascar may conjure images of lush tropical rainforests filled with exotic animals. And while this is true, the reality for the people here is far different.

Poverty in Madagascar is rampant. Political turmoil has left the country with a chaotic economy and unstable infrastructure, and the island’s position off the coast of Eastern Africa puts it in the crosshairs of intense tropical storms.

And this is precisely what happened.

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03January, 2019 Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

A miracle . . . 93 years in the making!

When I look at the list of requests for help in translating God’s Word, I can often get overwhelmed. I find myself crying out to God for a miracle to help our brothers and sisters. And when I see how you respond to these requests . . . how you stretch out your hand in faith and give of the resources God has blessed you with . . . I see God provide the miracle that we are all praying for!

Thank you for your generous outpouring through the entire year, but especially as we closed out 2018. Over the last couple of weeks you helped provide the tablets that over 200 national Bible translators needed to start translation projects in some of the hardest to reach places in the world. And as you said “YES!” to these national translators’ requests, you also said “yes” to their communities that have waited generations to hold the powerful Word of God—in their heart language—in their hands.

I can’t help but think of the recent testimony of a 93-year-old Southeast Asian man named Ung.* He and his people speak a language that isn’t even recognized by the government, but for decades he prayed that one day he would hold God’s Word in his hands. When he heard that translators were working on a Bible in his language at a MAST workshop, his heart was elated!

And soon, they were finished.

When it was time for the dedication celebration, Ung felt compelled to be there to personally thank the national translators for their work and tell them that he had been praying for this day for years. He walked for an entire day to catch a boat and then a bus, traveling for three days to the site of the dedication ceremony.

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13December, 2018 Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith

The Fight Won't Stop Now . . .

Satan’s attack on national Bible translators is growing more intense than ever.

I’ve received reports of kidnappings, beatings, death threats . . . even murder.

Recently  our team talked with a pastor in the Middle East . . . a pastor who has asked us for help in translating Scripture for his people, no matter the cost. “We live in a land of extremes,” he said. “We have terrible Islamic terrorism happening to our own people in this country.” Pastors are being killed “on a regular basis!”

And this pastor is prepared to die a martyr for the cause of Christ! In fact, he expects it—his only hope is that if he must die, he will die preaching God’s Word to his people.

How could he say something like that? Where does his boldness come from? It’s because this pastor sees firsthand the power of God’s Word at work, changing the hearts of men and women who once hated Christianity, but who are now coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ! People like “Abir.”

For security reasons, I can’t share his real name.

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As President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, Dr. Bruce A. Smith has made it his life-long goal to reach as many people as possible with the gospel through the ministry of Bible translation—affecting hundreds of language groups who still need the Bible translated into their heart language. Bruce and his wife Jan have two daughters, two sons-in-love, and are the proud grandparents of four grandsons.


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